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Drive traffic to your website and convert your visitors into customers.

You don’t have to become an SEO expert.

We take care of that for you.

Before investing on a SEO strategy, this is what you need to know.

There are only 2 ways to drive traffic to a website:

Paid ads (PPC)

Ads do work. And they work really well.

If you want instant traffic, buying ads from Facebook, Google and others will bring amazing results. When done correctly.

The problem?

If you want to continue having traffic, you will have to invest in ads. 

Every day. Every month. Every year.

If you stop paying, the traffic to your site stops as well.

Search Engine Optimization (Organic traffic)

SEO is a set of actions and strategies that are executed with the goal of increasing the visibility of a website on search engines.

SEO can be cheaper on the long run than an strategy based on ads, but it’s certainly not free.

SEO has several advantages over a PPC campaign:

It’s way more cost effective: When starting out, a PPC campaign and a SEO campaign may have similar costs, but the content you create when executing a SEO campaign can bring traffic for years, if not decades.

Compound effect: A well executed SEO campaign will start generating results in the mid-long term.
But the most important thing is that your traffic will keep growing over time.
Google will keep increasing the trust and authority on your site and that means a growing audience.

Adds value (real monetary value) to your website: Having a digital property is similar to owning real estate: Location location location.
The better your website ranks, the more value it has to a potential buyer.
Would you trust more a website on page 30 of Google, or one on the 3rd position of a search result?

So, its better to do SEO than paid ads?

Not necessarily.

My suggestion would be, if you have the money, go for both.

But if your goal is long term growth and have a limited budget, go with SEO.

The SEO services I offer are based on years of experience working with brands and entrepreneurs.

Driving valuable traffic that converts in sales.

Our SEO Services

SEO Audit

Every SEO strategy starts with a full website audit.

Complete revision of Technical SEO, ON Page SEO and OFF Page SEO.
Conducted by seasoned SEO specialists.
We deliver actionable advice to improve your rankings.
Detailed analysis of your top competitors to identify opportunities.
Full analysis of loading times and security.

Delivery timeframe: 10 working days.

Keyword Research

We discover the most relevant keywords for your business aligned to the search intent of your potential clients and visitors.

We work hand in hand with our client and decide which are the 5 most relevant topics of your website and we based the strategy on those topics.
We categorize and prioritize all of your current and future website content towards conversion.
You will get a roadmap based on search intent: informational and transactional.

On Page SEO

We do a full content audit of your website and optimize them so Google “loves” your site.
Focusing on improving user experience is key and a proven ranking factor. Increasing dwell time by enhancing the way your visitors interact with your content is the pillar of our ON Page SEO service.
All text and images are reviewed to make sure they are SEO optimized.

Off Page SEO

Every inbound link is a vote of confidence in Google’s eyes.
A full analysis of your backlink is performed and a plan of action is set based on your profile.
This phase of the SEO strategy requires a direct involvement of the client. We will establish a roadmap to gain natural links, and implement a white hat guest post campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to SEMRUSH, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of ranking a website on the search engines to increase its visibility when users search for relevant keywords and queries.

As you can increase the ranking of a site across a range of keywords, you will begin to see an increase in the organic traffic that it receives. Organic traffic is that which comes from Google’s natural listings, rather than paid ads. 

Short answer: If you have a website, you absolutely need SEO.

The life and blood of a website are its visitors.

If you don’t have any, your website is as good as dead.

If you’re able to rank your website at the top of the search engines, you’ll benefit from a stream of traffic that won’t have click costs associated with it, and that won’t stop when ads are turned off. Rank organically, and you’ll enjoy 24/7 visibility.

Everything you do on the page itself to boost the search engine rankings of the websites are known as On-page SEO.
The On-page search engine optimization includes methods like making modifications in the HTML tags, giving proper names to the page URLs and giving names to the images in the pages.
These are some of the methods used in On-page search engine optimization.
By keeping the web pages by the rules of the SEO, the rankings of the pages boost dramatically.

“Off-page SEO” (also called “off-site SEO”) refers to actions taken outside of your own website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Optimizing for off-site ranking factors involves improving search engine and user perception of a site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority.
This is accomplished by other reputable places on the Internet (pages, sites, people, etc.) linking to or promoting your website, and effectively “vouching” for the quality of your content.

Technical SEO is a subcategory of SEO that involves optimizing the infrastructure of your website so it can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines. It deals with the technical components of your website — such as the sitemaps, page speed, URL structure, schema, site navigation, and more.

z` from search engines, because site design and content are rendered useless if users can’t access or navigate your site.

An SEO audit is the process of analyzing how well your web presence relates to best practices – it is the first step to creating an implementation plan that will have measurable results.

The purpose of the audit is to identify as many foundational issues affecting organic search performance as possible.

An SEO audit typically reveals:

  • Competition insight
  • Content gaps
  • User experience issues
  • Potential off-site issues
  • On-page SEO issues
  • Website structure issues
  • Technical SEO issues

You should NOT start an SEO campaign without having a proper audit on your site first.

As the saying goes in this industry: It depends.

Depending on the scope of your website, SEO campaigns can go from a few hundred dollars for audits and one time services to thousand of dollars per month for huge campaigns involving massive content creation and link building.

It’s possible that you only need one or two services.

It’s possible you need them all.

What I can tell you for sure is that everything starts with a SEO audit, and based on the outcome of the audit, an SEO campaign takes between 6 months and a year.

Prices start at $149 for a basic website audit.

I would suggest that you contact me using the form below so I can analyze your needs on a 1 on 1 call.

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